Upgrading the SDK

Development version

Bug fixes

The project file was updated to remove ..\columns_ui-sdk from referenced file paths. This makes it possible for names other than columns_ui-sdk to be used for the directory containing the Columns UI SDK.

Version 7.0.0

New in this version

This version fixes a compilation error when the <version> header had not been included, and it also fixes a crash in container_uie_window_v3_t::destroy_window() if it’s called when the window has already been destroyed, or was never created.

Version 7.0.0-beta.2

New in this version

This version adds an option to uie::container_window_v3 to disable the forwarding of WM_SETTINGCHANGE messages to direct child windows.

This is useful when hosting the Win32 toolbar control as it can misbehave when handling this message.

Version 7.0.0-beta.1

This version of the Columns UI SDK requires Visual Studio 2022.

The project file was also renamed columns_ui-sdk-public.vcxproj.

New in this version

This version adds:

Renamed namespaces

  • The ui_extension namespace was renamed uie

  • The columns_ui namespace was renamed cui

Aliases exist for the old names for backwards compatibility.

Deprecated in this version

The following classes were deprecated:

  • uie::container_ui_extension_t

  • uie::container_ui_extension

  • uie::container_menu_ui_extension

  • uie::container_uie_window_t

  • uie::container_window_autorelease_t

  • uie::container_window_release_t

  • uie::container_window

The following functions were deprecated:

  • uHeader_InsertItem()

  • uHeader_SetItemText()

  • uHeader_SetItemWidth()

  • uToolTip_AddTool()

  • uComboBox_SelectString()

  • win32_helpers::send_message_to_all_children()

  • win32_helpers::tooltip_add_tool()

Removed in this version

Example components are no longer bundled with the SDK. These are now published on GitHub:

The following classes were removed:

  • uie::window_base_t

  • logfont_os_menu

  • logfont_os_icon

  • logfont_os_from_utf8

  • logfont_utf8_from_os

The following functions were removed:

  • uGetClassLong()

  • uSetClassLong()

  • convert_logfont_utf8_to_os()

  • convert_logfont_os_to_utf8()

The following macros were removed:

  • uT()

  • uTS()

  • Tu()

  • TSu()